Lab Member Presentations

Over the summer and fall, a few of our lab members presented on the work they’re doing with the lab. On July 23 at MSU’s Mid-SURE Undergraduate Research Conference, undergraduate student Dylan Miller presented on the “Robo-Scorpion” work he had done with Backyard Brains that summer.  The work involved using electricity to examine the role certain […]

Matt Rowe at the Mad Scientist Club!

Yesterday, Matt Rowe spoke at MSU’s Mad Scientist Club about his passion for general undergraduate science education and empowering undergraduates in research.  He also brought a few of our newest desert friends for show and tell, including a giant desert centipede who was more than happy to chow down on a cricket.  There was so […]

New Paper Published in “Science” Magazine

Our paper “Voltage-gated sodium channel in grasshopper mice defends against bark scorpion toxin” was just release on the  Science .website.  See  DOI: 10.1126/science.1236451 MSU Has a press release, and featured our research on the MSU home page   Ashlee Rowe talks with Sarah Crespi the 25 October 2013 Science Magazine Podcast about how grasshopper mice […]