Lab Member Presentations


Over the summer and fall, a few of our lab members presented on the work they’re doing with the lab.

On July 23 at MSU’s Mid-SURE Undergraduate Research Conference, undergraduate student Dylan Miller presented on the “Robo-Scorpion” work he had done with Backyard Brains that summer.  The work involved using electricity to examine the role certain sensory structures play in scorpion behavior.


On Oct 3 at  the Phi Zeta (the honor society for vet med students) Research Day for the College of Veterinary Medicine, graduate student Katelyn Sherer gave an oral presentation outlining Grasshopper mice as our lab’s model system due to their decreased response after toxic venom injection and the novel amino acid variants found in  certain potassium channels expressed in their dorsal root ganglia. She also discussed how these variations are likely associated with functional changes that could decrease the overall excitability of Kv1 channels and may be associated with reduced pain sensitivity in Grasshopper mice.

Oct 23 she was also Invited to give a poster presentation for the College of Veterinary Medicine Endowment and Enrichment Dinner. Covering the same topics as the oral presentation, she also says “I was able to talk to many donors and previous graduates from the College of Vet Med about research and medicine at MSU which was pretty awesome.”